Our Impact

As the Illinois state association of grantmakers, nonprofits, and their advisors, Donors Forum understands what organizations need to be effective and strategic and to make the greatest impact. We support high-performance capacity building to meet community needs and create greater outcomes, provide an effective voice with state and national policymakers, and facilitate greater community impact through accelerated problem solving including business, government, public and private funders, operating nonprofits, and their advisors.

Join us as we leverage our collective power!

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High-Performance Capacity

We connect you with the accessible capacity building strategies and knowledge building from experts and peers.

An Effective Policy Voice

No matter your level of experience or the size of your organization, we can help connect advocacy to your organization's mission.

Collective Problem Solving

We bring together grantmakers, nonprofits, business, and government to make positive change in communities and the lives of everyone in Illinois.