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Every event includes details on who is eligible to attend. (Try using the "back" arrow on your browser to go back to the description). Information on who is eligible to attend can be found in the paragraph that begins with the purple subhead "Join."


Interested in an event and not sure if you or your organization belong to Donors Forum? Our rosters of Members, Associate Members, and Forum Partners are here.


If you believe you should be able to register for a program, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Are you logged in? If you need your username or password, please email with your name, title, and organization to have your information sent to you.
  • Have you already registered for the event? If you've previously registered for the event, you'll be unable to access the registration page a second time. If you think you may already have registered and want to double check, please call 888-578-0090.
  • Are you the target audience for the event? Listed at the top of each event page are the types of registrants to whom the event is open: Members (grantmakers), Forum Partners (nonprofits and consultants to nonprofits), Associate Members (advisors to grantmakers), and/or the public. You can check our rosters of Members, Forum Partners, and Associate Members here.
  • Has registration closed? If it is less than 24 hours before the event, online registration has closed. Seats may still be available; see the event page for information on who to contact. Online registration may close early for some events; call 888-578-0090 for more information.
  • Still experiencing a problem? Give us a call at 888-578-0090 and let us know the programs for which you'd like to register.

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