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Program or Project Support


Foundations and corporations tend to give most of their grants to programs and projects, since they can be measured and produce quantifiable results.


According to Giving in Illinois, "Program support [can cover] a wide range of activities, from seed money to jump start initiatives, commissions of new works, development of media, and communications resources." However, the report notes that most program support dollars went toward general program/project support.


There are important things to know when planning to submit your program or project for funding consideration:

  • Donors offer support for self-contained projects, new initiatives, or additions/expansions of existing programs or projects.
  • Research and evaluation projects are a special category of projects.
  • Donors are often more inclined to fund a project meeting a specific need (an initiative to get former welfare recipients to work, to do a strategic plan) or a new project being launched by a nonprofit.
  • Funders understand that a program cannot be run well without an organization behind it. Therefore, you should consider what portion of your organization's expenses go toward this program. So while funders may be less likely to fund only general operating expenses, those expenses may get funded through the programs that they enable.

Funding Trends
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