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Corporate Giving Programs and Sponsorships


Corporations have multiple ways of supporting nonprofits:

  • Corporate giving programs account for 77.5 percent of all corporate gifts.
  • Corporate foundations funded by endowments funded by the parent corporation make up 22.5 percent of the gifts.
  • Corporations often support nonprofits through marketing, public relations, and advertising budgets as well.


Target the right corporations
When working with corporate donors, it's important to think like a business person: the corporation will be concerned about a financial return for its investment through gains to its reputation or opening new market segments. Event-related marketing is an especially popular way for corporations to support nonprofit organizations.


Think creatively
Find out what subject or field of interest they fund. Research what types of support they offer and whether they have a geographic focus. Corporations often give more to organizations where their employees volunteer or serve on the board. Therefore, be sure to remind your volunteers and board members to let their employers know about their involvement with your organization.


Corporate Sponsorship
Corporate sponsorship is a great way to increase streams of revenue for a nonprofit. Corporations may sponsor special events and programs associated with your nonprofit. Listed below are resources to help you find corporate sponsorship opportunities for your nonprofit.


Internet Nonprofit Center
Find a 9-step guide for nonprofits on how to solicit corporate sponsors and advice from a seasoned observer.


Foundation Center FAQs
Read answers to frequently asked questions about locating corporate support.


National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise
National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise offers a useful guide to corporate partnerships. Membership fee required.


IEG Sponsorship Sourcebook
This web site offers news about the sponsorship industry. The print version of the IEG Sponsorship Sourcebook: The Comprehensive Guide to Sponsorships, Properties, Agencies, and Suppliers is available for review at the Donors Forum Library.


Trends in corporate giving
Donors Forum's Foundation Giving in Illinois provides information on foundation and corporate giving.  Order a copy.


More corporate giving resouces
Search the Donors Forum Library Catalog to see our materials on corporate giving and prospect research. Or go to the Grantseekers Toolbox section on prospect research.