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Individual Donors


Donors Forum's website has many resources in addition to those listed on this page. We encourage you to check other resource categories; especially the Grantmaking, Sponsorships, and Philanthropy category if you are a funder; or the Fundraising and Earned Revenue if you are a nonprofit.


Also try the search function, located at the top of each page.


  • Effective Philanthropy
    Published by Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. in March, 2012, this book is a selection of articles written by or featuring many of Strategic Philanthropy's professional staff commenting on timely philanthropic issues and opportunities. The articles were written specifically for the legal and financial advisor communities, as well as to further inform high-net-worth donors; others may also find the information and commentary useful.
  • Searchable Database of Advisors to Grantmakers
    Grantmakers now have an online tool to identify professionals who provide philanthropic and financial advice and planning services in Illinois: Donors Forum's Searchable Database of its Associate Members, who include attorneys, estate planners, philanthropy advisors, trust officers, and other advisors to grantmakers and individual donors, and who sign and adhere to the Donors Forum Statement of Ethics and Best Practices.
  • The Giving Spree -- 60 Most Generous Donors Gave $10 billion in 2004
  • The Resilience Of Philanthropy
    A recent article on that says, despite the down economy, people are still donating to nonprofits and other charities.
  • Planned Giving Design Center
    An archive of daily news concerning charitable taxation, discussions of gift vehicles and assets, and analysis of IRS changes, court decisions, and legislation.