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Illinois Nonprofit Principles and Best Practices

Donors Forum introduced the Preserving the Public Trust Initiative to help nonprofit organizations - including grantmakers - take specific, concrete steps to ensure adherence to high ethical standards and strong governance principles.


The Initiative is a call for all nonprofits to strive for excellence in realizing their missions, managing resources effectively, and governing well.

As part of the Public Trust Initiative, Donors Forum in 2004 published Illinois Nonprofit Principles and Best Practices.



The principles cover a wide range of important issues -- including board governance, legal compliance, responsible stewardship, and communication -- and go beyond the federal, state, and local laws.


The best practices are specific steps organizations can take to implement the principles.


Endorsed by the Attorney General, Illinois Nonprofit Principles and Best Practices was updated in April, 2008 to reflect recent elgislative and regulatory changes and to align with a set of national principles published by Independent Sector.

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