Our Community

Founded in 1974, Donors Forum is unique for being the only regional association in the U.S. that represents both grantmakers and nonprofits, as well as their advisors. Our goal is to build a vibrant social impact sector that -- collectively and collaboratively -- improves the quality of life for all people in Illinois.

Currently, our 800 nonprofit Members work in over 26 different issue areas across the state.  Our 185 grantmaking Members include private and independent foundations, public charities, corporations, and other types of funders (donor-advised funds, charitable trusts, and individual philanthropists). We are also actively engaging social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and B-Corps in our work to help expand our membership and spur innovation in the sector.



Grantmaker Membership is open to organizations or individuals whose primary activity is the making of grants for charitable purposes.

Operating Nonprofits

Operating Nonprofit Membership is open to nonprofits of all types, including schools, religious organizations, and government agencies.


Advisor Membership is open to professionals who advise or provide consulting services for grantmakers or nonprofits.